The FNAB supports research programs which focus on identifying targets for personalised therapeutics.

The setting is clearly defined: the research must aim to optimise cancer treatments via recommendations adapted to each tumour and each patient, the project must implicate novel drugs, and be carried out in collaboration with a reference cancer centre which has access to a large patient pool harbouring rare diseases, implicating the molecular biology and pathology units, and ultimately aiming for high-impact factor publications. Potential candidates must demonstrate a vocation for translational medicine.

The intent is both objective and pragmatic: the project must take into account the human and material needs for successful execution. The FNAB aims to provide the structure and scientific framework to obtain information which the medical community can directly exploit.

Grants are typically attributed to researchers in MSc and PhD programs, and are generally catalytic for projects including phenotypic characterisation of tumours and identification of new targets. While some projects are Swiss-based by law, many are allocated internationally. More information is available about our grant funding and the funded projects.